Explore the dataset: The Mobility Barriers Index

The Mobility Barriers Index combines information on consular services, visa requirements and visa issuing practices into a single score. This is of relevance in many situations. For example, studying a group of medium-income countries it might be important to capture both those with and and without a visa requirement. Use the fields below to search the database. To learn more about how the index was calculated click here.


Receiving country A receiving country could for example be Germany. This is the main place a person seeks to visit.
Sending country A sending country could for example be Libya. This is the state where the visitor holds citizenship.
Year The year the score applies to.
Index score The index gives an estimate of the barrier to mobility. It ranges from 0 (no barriers to mobility) to 3 (high barriers to mobility). Blank fields indicate missing data.
Group by Use group by to summarize the results as an average per sending or receiving country.